Sam Weiss is a writer, actor and comedian living in Brooklyn, New York.

Sam is the creator, co-writer and host of “Deep Space Live” at the Annoyance Theatre, the only talk show that takes place inside the mind of a deranged, presumed-dead astronaut.

He also writes for, performs in and occasionally directs sketch comedy shows with the team Teen Radio. The team, which Sam co-founded in 2014, now performs monthly at the Peoples Improv Theater and has appeared at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, the Annoyance Theatre, Under St. Marks Theater, the PIT Loft and Legion Bar.

Sam also writes articles about politics, music, gentrification and pretending to be a real adult for Brokelyn, Complex Magazine and whoever else will have him.

Sam studied comedy writing at UCB and regular writing at the University of San Francisco.