All written by and starring Sam Weiss unless otherwise noted.

From “Deep Space Live
“Intro and opening monologue,”
 from episode two, 8/26/16
“Interview with David Bowie,” from episode three, 9/2/16
“The Crew,” from episode three, 9/2/16
“Holodeck,” (written by Jon Doyle) from episode four, 9/9/16
“Interview with Amelia Earhart,” from episode four, 9/9/16
“Carpool karaoke,” from episode four, 9/9/16
“Interview with God,”
 from episode five, 11/17/16

“Fireball for Daily Use,” (written by Conor Champley) 7/21/16
“Brooklyn!,” (co-written by but not starring Sam) 6/21/16